Information about Fashion relevance with Ladies Handbag

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In the 1500’s, hieroglyphics of the ancient Egyptian era showcased individuals wearing pouches attached to their girdles. This is also true for the early elite people. They would go as far as decorating their bags with precious stones and intricate embroidery to show their status in the community. It was a tool to express power and potency.

For the travelers, their bags were made from cloth and much larger than an ordinary bag. Bags for travelers were fashioned in such a way that they can be carried by the body diagonally.

That brings us to the term ‘girdles.’ Girdles were originally Egyptian of origin. Even during those times, bags were already being used, and in this era, they were worn around the waist, hence the term ‘girdle’. The girdles of the rich were different from those of the common folk by the embellishments on their girdles that would have embroidery and jewels embedded on the bags.

When the 18th century commenced, Neo classical clothing boomed. People preferred to sport reticules instead of purses. Women during that time got so habituated that they actually collected so many kinds. They brought a different one for every different

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